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About our “Ends of Man” Authors, part II

Marten Hoyle

Marten Hoyle, a native of Spokane, Washington, writes with a singular dark elegance that carries the reader away into his own sanctuary of words. He finds inspiration in his father, a talented painter, and in the rest of his family.  Further, the seeds of his creativity are borne on the shoulders of a shadowed insight that pursues him even into dreams. His selection Going Home is a rich tale, luxuriously told.  In it, Hoyle hauntingly unfolds a dark mystery and the profundity of grief in the life of a young man whose father’s suicide may tear his family apart.

Savanah Thompson

Savannah Thompson, lives in Reno, Nevada while pursuing her Masters Degree in English and has been writing stories about the strange and idiosyncratic curiosities hidden inside our everyday existence since the tender age of 13. With her special talent for twisting a familiar story into a new and exotic shape, The World After is a post-apocalyptic re-imagining of classic Greek myth. Curiosity is a driving force behind both discovery and utter destruction.

Austen J. Braunker

Austen J. Brauker, is a tribal member of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians from Manistee, Michigan. A seasoned artist in innumerable medias ranging from visual art and traditional crafts to original music and a broad and varied career as an author, he is a man of bottomless talents. His writing style is uniquely, almost transcendentally lyrical, and the reader can find his heritage whispering in the margins of every page. His selection The Genome Kunstler is a love story that takes us back through time and across oceans to what seems as though it would be a familiar setting: post-war Germany. But to survey it through entirely new eyes, and to find there an entirely new darkness, is an experience that must be read to be believed.

CL Redding


  CL Redding is a writer/blogger/photographer and lifelong philosopher who makes her home in the Pacific         Northwest.  Something of a renaissance woman, her journey through life has spanned continents.  The Money Shot  is  magical realism piece in the tradition of Calvino’s COSMICOMICS, and gazes through the camera lens into the abyss of inevitability vs. the persistence of humanity.

Oscar Francesco

Oscar started writing at the age of six. His first story was an adaptation of Noah’s Ark, incorporating both robots and dinosaurs. He has continued to write ever since.   His contemporary stories feature ordinary people who, despite the abnormal settings they are thrown in to, remain fairly boring and therefore relative to the audience. A reader of Douglas Adams, Alan Moore, and Stephen King, Oscar enjoys television programs such as Doctor Who and The Simpsons and is partial to films by Tim Burton and Richard Kelly.

He comes up with ideas by walking around in circles, continuously.   This has worried some of those close to him, so he now does so with props to create the illusion that he is doing something such as practicing basketball (even though he doesn’t play basketball) and following trails of breakfast cereal.   “The Florist” is the first and, hopefully, not his last published short story.



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