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PR/Marketing “False Impressions”

Public Relations Objectives For “False Impressions”


Our goal for False Impressions’ PR campaign is to heighten national attention and raise consumer awareness through:

Available in print and Ebook formats through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, IBooks, Sony, Ebook Mall and international retailers in the UK, Australia, India and Europe.

A. National Print Campaign

B. Interviews on Talk Radio

C. Book Publicity in Targeted Cities

D. National TV Appearances

E. Social Media Marketing



A.  National Print Campaign

1.Distribute promotional/news article nationally to thousands of targeted journalists at daily and weekly Newspapers including targeting the ADA and the ADHA

2.  Develop a customized database of journalists at regional and national magazines and association newsletters that are relevant to FI target audience.

3.  Broadly distribute the article to Internet news Web sites used by news journalists for story research.

4.  Do intense phone follow up with every journalist who requests interviews with author Stanley Woods-Frankel or requests a copy of his book.


B.  Interviews on Talk Radio


We will work with all the influential shows in every region of the country as well as nationally syndicated shows using Dr. Frankel as expert, the uniqueness of a dentist hero and other strategies to increase consumer awareness.


C.  Book Publicity in Targeted Cities


Identify cities for in person appearances by the author with appropriate media coverage:.


a) Local TV Appearances (1 or 2 per city)

b) Radio Interviews – (1 or 2 per city) –

c) Print placement that results from our direct contact with local print:

         • Coverage in a local weekly paper

         • Coverage in a local daily paper or regional magazine

d) Book Signings


D.  National Television Appearances


a. Shows on Cable TV –  (CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News, Oxygen,

    Lifetime, HGTV, etc.)

b. Shows on Network TV – (ABC, NBC, CBS) 


E.  Social Media Marketing and Email.

Here’s a brief description of the social media marketing we will do for False Impressions: 

1. We will create social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook.

2. Build connections, friends and followers on these social networking sites by identifying groups and individuals who are interested in the murder mystery genre or are in the dental community..

3. Build out a False Impressions micro site dedicated to the author with a related blog to interact with the author.

4. Along with in person book signings and launch, hold a virtual, interactive launch party on the micro site.

5. Promote TV and radio appearances video/audio on social media sites and micro site along with a “follow the author” tour and future book signing opportunities guide.

6. Use email and SEO/SEM to drive traffic to social media and micro site.

7. Targeted emails to ADA and ADHA membership

8. Targeted emails to avid mystery readers



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