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About our “Ends of Man” Authors

Jak Kavan

Jak Kavan, was born in a coastal Ireland town, the youngest of six brothers and sisters. He is currently married with two children of his own.  His impressive short story, Echoes of Kennedy, follows a brilliant scientist on a journey to fulfill the desires closest to his heart.  His prize winning masterpiece, Last of the Human Race, follows interstellar pilgrims on a voyage of discovery: Before they can begin to deal with where they’re going, they must unravel their own past.

Charles Redding

Charles Redding has been playing games and telling stories for most of his life. He is a student in Colorado, where he is inspired by numerous aspects of both science and entertainment, a love of nature and fantasy, and whatever else catches his attention. He appreciates good stories and has many of his own still to tell. Most of his time is divided between school work, theater, procrastinating, and designing games

Johanna Lipford

Johanna Lipford, though native to California, presently resides in Rome, Italy, and works as a translator (Italian to English).   With a background in the aerospace industry, education, and even real estate, it is only recently that her writing has taken flight, winning several competitions.  She writes because she has something to say that she believes needs to be heard, and so that all of the people she knew will not die when she does.  Grandma tells an entirely new creation myth, where the collapse of one way of life births another in the endless physical and psychological struggle of human experience.  Transmitted Man is a short story in the form of a play that poses questions both ethical and existential against a backdrop of the surreal.

Dan F. De Bono

 Daniel F. De Bono, is a professional writer with more than twenty years experience and innumerable credits, both fiction and non-fiction, to his resume.  A versatile and eloquently imaginative writer, he has also published fiction under the name Gareth Blackmoore.  Born and educated in Michigan, he now resides in Florida with his wife, Melissa, and son, Zachary.Tattoo You follows a detective on the trail of a murderer that defies comprehension. Agnatha Anathema is a frightening glimpse at danger lurking beneath the waters of Lake Michigan. Clone Drones and the Real Thing explores a future where that wish ever in the back of our minds may indeed come true.


Matthew Hance

Matthew Hance, is happily married with a four-year-old son, and even though he lives in Columbus, Ohio, he’s a diehard Nittany Lion fan.  For him, writing is the most intimate of art forms, and he is inspired by the desire to capture and hold a reader, to show them something they’ve never seen before.  CML is a journey into an eerily familiar tomorrow, venturing into the extremes of human behavior by skipping far ahead down the paths we now travel.  Tower 5 is a study of control and chaos; a completely self-contained society bound by unbreakable rules and structure. Even within such restraints, humanity will out ―but what will be its ultimate shape, and how will it cope with the unexpected?


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