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February 29, 2012 / zharmae publishing

Launch of “Ends of Man” Right Around the Corner

The Zharmae Publishing Press is launching it’s first Anthology, “Ends of Man”.    On March 4th, 2012, the organization will host it’s first, fully-online book launch party, utilizing top social media sites such as Chatango, Twitter and Facebook.   These processes will allow our fans to interact directly to our world-wide authors who worked tirelessly to create this unique anthology.
The anthology brings the talents of 9 authors into a compilation work spanning 15 different views of the end of man. Change, reality and loss through the world-view of future writing and science fiction are all explored in the pages of “Ends of Man”   The anthology is the final product of the First Annual Spring Science Fiction and Writing Contest (2011) created by The Zharmae Publishing Press.

The Zharmae Anthology: Ends of Man

Here are the final details for everyone:
EVENT: Sunday March 4th
WHAT:  Live launch of Ends Of Man
WHEN: 7-9pm Eastern time and 7-9pm Pacific Time, attendees chose whichever time zone launch works best for them
HOW:  Use the comment and blog options on this site OR join live by chat feature called Chatango. Just click on the link to the right and create a Chatango log in. Live chat and blogging will be with authors of the book and representatives from Zharmae
MORE: Prizes – 2 Barnes and Noble $25 gift cards, 2 $25 Amazon gift cards, *2 $25 donations to the charity of your choice, Free critique of an original work of fiction by Zharmae staff. BONUS: Cover Design for self publishing author’s original work of fiction.
BONUS: Special Launch Price for Print and Ebook
*Charity must be a recognized organization

Zharmae Publishing is a Pacific Northwest venture looking for new talent in the writing world. In conjunction with this book release, which is available on this site at a special launch price and subsequently online through and, The Zharmae Publishing Press is also accepting submissions to the Second Annual Spring Science Fiction Writing Contest.  Information can be found here (see tabs above) and on our main site at


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